Our Mission

Restoring digestive motor function to allow better and safer nutrition

Millions of people suffer from reduced or lack of motor function of their digestive system, presented as impaired esophageal motion and delayed gastric emptying, leading to malnutrition and higher risk of infection.

This phenomenon is very common in critically ill patients, as well as neurological, surgical, geriatric, neonatal and others, impairing their general well being and quality of life, while being associated with significant increase in direct medical cost.

E-Motion Medical’s mission is to restore digestive motor function to these patients, reduce infectious complications, and improve survival and physical function.

“Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food”


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Our Technology

Our simple, yet revolutionary, technology is designed to shift the paradigm of digestive care, by promoting motor function of the digestive system, improving patient outcomes and lowering the financial burden for healthcare providers.

The E-Motion System™ delivers unique patterns of stimulation to the esophagus, thereby generating contractions, which restore natural function to the digestive system and promote motility throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

The stimulation is applied to the esophagus using our proprietary E-Motion Tube™, which can also double as a feeding tube, and is easily placed in the same manner.

E-Motion System™

Clinical Trials

Our technology has been successfully applied to 15 healthy volunteers and more than 120 ICU patients in over a dozen hospitals around the world, in several clinical trials.

The clinical trials demonstrate the safety of our technology, and the effect of the stimulation on gastric emptying, reflux and aspiration, and recuperation time for ICU patients, while minimizing workload for the medical staff.

Investigating physicians who participated in our trials expressed great enthusiasm and some even reported that enrolled patients tended towards faster and better healing than anticipated, as well as fewer complications and infections than can be expected for patients in their condition.

About Us

E-Motion Medical Ltd was founded in 2011 by a pioneering multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in medicine, science, management and business.

Management Team

Amichay H. Gross

Michael Tal MD

Limor Sandach
Business Development


Anna Levin

Advisory Team

Lorenzo Berra MD
Intensivist at Mass. General Hospital
Assist. Prof. at Harvard Medical School

Daniel Sessler MD
Professor and Chair of Outcomes Research at the Cleveland Clinic

Daniel Talmor

Daniel Talmor MD
Chairman of Anesthesia and Critical Care Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Professor at Harvard Medical School

Susan Alpert

Susan Alpert MD, PhD
Former Chief Regulatory Officer at Medtronic

Eytan Bardan MD
Deputy Director of the GI clinic at Sheba Medical Center

Shimon Rosenheck MD
Former Director of Arrhythmia Unit Department of Cardiology Hadassah Medical Center

Oded Sold MD
Director of Surgical ICU at the Tel Aviv Medical Center

Avner Halperin
CEO of EarlySense

David Uffer
Senior Partner at Alira Health

Contact Us

E-Motion Medical LTD
10 HaNehoshet St.
Tel Aviv 69710

USA 1 718 732 0531
Canada 1 289 608 6369
Israel 972 73 707 8703